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4/27/2020 NCA Matagalpa Alumni

NCAM Graduate Receives Walton Scholarship

We would like to congratulate the Salutatorian of the Nicaragua Christian Academy Matagalpa Class of 2019, Shanteé Cheree Enitencio Quinn, has been awarded the prestigious Walton International Scholarship!

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12/12/2018 NCA Matagalpa Student Life

Science Lab - Eighth and Third Grades

Students participated in a lab week, practicing the knowledge they had gained in the classroom in the mixing of certain elements to observe the result and build on their conceptual knowledge base.

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12/3/2018 NCA Matagalpa Faculty & Staff, Student Life

Special Education at NCA Matagalpa

Carolina Torrez just finished her 9th grade year at NCA-Matagalpa; she has chosen to serve as a teacher's assistant as her elective since she entered the school because she feels called to help kids with trouble learning or any sort of disability.

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2/21/2018 Marlyn Pérez NCA International, NCA Matagalpa Faculty & Staff

INSTE Program: Analyzing Scripture

During the 2017-2018 school year, NCA International and NCA Matagalpa have re-adopted the Bible study program: INSTE (Theology Extension Institute) with the end goal of a deeper study of the Word of God and promoting an environment of love and brotherhood amongst all staff.

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4/5/2017 NCA International, NCA Nejapa, NCA Matagalpa Faculty & Staff

The Pursuit of Excellence

Last year, part of our leadership came together to develop what has become known as the ANCA Standards of Teacher Excellence. This year we had the opportunity to fully launch those standards across our three campuses during our annual ANCA staff conference.

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