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7:30 AM NCA Matagalpa

Third Quarter Exams - Day 2

Monday exams: Grade 11-Math & Spanish Language/Lit Grade 10A-Economics & Chemistry Grade 10B-Economics & Chemistry Grade 9-Science & Bible Grade 8-Art & Math Grade 7-Bible & Spanish Grade 6-Bible Grade 5-Bible, PE & English Grade 4-Bible & English Grade 3-Spanish & PE Grade 2-Spanish, Rights/Dignity of Women & Art Grade 1-Math Kindergarten-Spanish Preschool-English

7:30 AM NCA Matagalpa

Third Quarter Exams - Day 3

Tuesday exams: Grade 11-Physics & PE(girls)/AEP(boys) Grade 10A-Math & PE(girls)/AEP(boys) Grade 10B-Math & PE(girls)/AEP(boys) Grade 9-PE(girls)/AEP(boys) & Spanish Grade 8-PE(girls)/AEP(boys) & Bible Grade 7-PE(girls)/AEP(boys) & English Grade 6-PE(girls)/AEP(boys) & English Grade 5-Rights/Dignity of Women & Math Grade 4-Spanish & AEP Grade 3-Math Grade 2-English Grade 1-Bible & Growing in Biblical Values Kindergarten-Work in Bible & Art Preschool-Bible & Art

7:30 AM NCA Matagalpa

Third Quarter Exams - Day 4

Wednesday exams: Grade 11-Biology Grade 10A-Bible & Physics Grade 10B-Physics & Bible Grade 9-English Grade 8-English Grade 7-Science Grade 6-Science & Art Grade 5-Social Studies & AEP Grade 4-Social Studies & Rights/Dignity of Women Grade 3-Social Studies Grade 2-Bible, Growing in Biblical Values & PE Grade 1-Science & PE Kindergarten-English Preschool-Reading/Writing

7:30 AM NCA Matagalpa

Third Quarter Exams - Day 5

Thursday exams: Grade 11-English & PE(boys)/AEP(girls) Grade 10A-English & PE(boys)/AEP(girls) Grade 10B-English & PE(boys)/AEP(girls) Grade 9-PE(boys)/AEP(girls) & Math Grade 8-PE(boys)/AEP(girls) & Science Grade 7-PE(boys)/AEP(girls) & History Grade 6-PE(boys)/AEP(girls), Growing in Biblical Values, Rights/Dignity of Women & Math Grade 5-Spanish & History Grade 4-Science & Art Grade 3-Science & Art Grade 2-Knowing My World Grade 1-AEP & English Kindergarten-Work in Knowing My World Preschool-Knowing My World

All Day NCA Matagalpa Annel Flores

No Classes - MinEd teacher workshops (EPI)

The Ministry of Education has monthly workshops at various locations in Matagalpa; the office is open 8:00-12:00 noon