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Special Education at NCA Matagalpa

12/3/2018 NCA Matagalpa Faculty & Staff, Student Life

By Greg Kynast (NCAM General Director)

Carolina Torrez just finished her 9th grade year at NCA-Matagalpa; she has chosen to serve as a teacher's assistant as her elective since she entered the school because she feels called to help kids with trouble learning or any sort of disability.

In her words, "this experience has helped me learn how to work with students who have different types of challenges in life; for example, my work with Monika helped me understand that using objects helped her learn to add and subtract. In the case of Alisbell, our first student with Down Syndrome, I am thankful to God for having brought her to NCA-Matagalpa and to our school director for having given us the opportunity to work with her and learn that even among these students who face great challenges in life there are great leaders like "Allie" who has a following in her Kindergarten class due to her charisma, joy and sweet-spirit.

As we wrapped up the school year, it was wonderful to hear the testimonies of the parents of how much progress and hope they've gained this year watching kids like Sebastian learn to play the piano as a second grader with autism.

I can't say enough how thankful I am for the confidence deposited in me by parents, teachers and the administrators of our school in allowing me to work with these kids."

Published on December 3, 2018. Written by Greg Kynast. Photos by Carolina Tórrez and Riley Dunham.